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Sea-nthesia Cabinet

Sea-nthesia is a cabinet designed by Marika Tardio Studio.

It looks like it was abandoned in the depths of the ocean, which over time has taken on the appearance of the microorganisms that live there, dressing up with new formal references. Experimentation, emotional value, and artisanal heritage coexist in this contemporary furniture product.

The wooden Jelotung structure and the legs are entirely handcrafted according to the tradition of «Stile Legno», an ancient carpentry shop producing and handcrafting wooden furniture and furnishing accessories since 1963.

Surface designer Alice Corbetta expertly crafted the doors of the Sea-nthesia Cabinet.

Her activity focused on the creation of material bas-reliefs that recall the phenomenon of marine fouling and create tactile surfaces where light flows, entering into symbiosis with the matter.

Materiallacquered Jeolotung wood; leather;

Layers of materials such as the red bole of Armeria, the metallic leaf of brass and copper combined with natural chemical processes create oxidation, in a game of outcroppings where the piece of furniture continues to live and change.

The wooden handle, also sculpted by hand, was subsequently covered by Giorgio Linea with the ancient bandaging technique. Inside, the two-tone laminated leather shelves with their serrated rib frill create a further surprise.

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