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About Marika Tardio

2011 ➤  three-year degree cum laude – Industrial Design at UNIFI

2011 ➤  Award. Concept and window set-up –   Luisa Via Roma Firenze for the Design Week

2013 ➤  Master’s degree cum laude-  Industrial Design/ spec. Product Design

2011 – 2012  ➤ Collaboration at Assessorato Moda, Cultura e Pari Opportunità under the guide of prof. Elisabetta Cianfanelli and  prof. Gabriele Goretti

2011 – 2014  ➤ Appointed  ‘Cultore della Materia in disegno industriale

2012 ➤ R&D Group –  RED Design Lab – Digital Strategist

2013 ➤ Co-founding University Spin-Off XY-project regarding the  Reverse Engineering Design for Manufacturing Art

2014-2018 ➤ Senior product Designer at Baldi Home

2019 ➤ Creative Director at Baldi Home

2020 – onward ➤ Marika Tardio Studio – product, interior & art direction Studio

2021 ➤ Member of the scientific committee Artex – Regione Toscana

2022 – onward ➤ Co-founding e Art Direction MaVoix Exclusive Wallpaper

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Research and publications

Design e Artigianalità Avanzata 2023

The relationship between artisan skills and technologies in Italy in contemporary high manufacturing

Auth.: Gabriele Goretti

Published Project

The aim is to support and highlight new paths of design-driven innovation and repositioning of the role of the craftsman, not only as ‘product developer’ but also as co-designer of the final product-system

Il design per l’home care 2015

The Human Centered Design approach in medical device design

Auth.: Laura Giraldi

Published Project

Camilla’ Redesign drug packaging for contraceptive pills. Design and management of a dedicated App. User friendly redesign of the leaflet.

KIDesign 2014

The book suggests three areas of intervention: food packaging design, care design, and living design.

Auth.: Laura Giraldi. Issued by  Altralinea Intersezioni.

Published Project

Support concept, help of Asperger syndrome through an interdisciplinary approach.

Packed in Italy 2011

Research path on packaging design for the Made in Italy system dedicated to the excellent production districts of central Italy in collaboration with Comieco.

Auth.: Elisabetta Cianfanelli,Gabriele Goretti, Roberta Baccolini. Issued by Giunti Editore.

Published Project

Eco-sustainable packaging for food & beverage and a series of proposals for the creation of industrial packaging.

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