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Steinway o-180 l.e. ‘frizzante’

The idea behind this piano is to develop a plot. A sequence along the entire perimeter, like a pentagram full of notes.

The sequence of spheres is like a sound, in a similar way to the pianist when he plays a glissando and slides his fingers extremely softly over the keys, being careful not to fall completely. This makes perceptible all the notes in the scale.

The game of colors generated by the reflections of the spheres and semi-spheres transmits the sensation of the sound wave.

ClientSteinway & Sons

The concept of using spheres of different sizes is preparatory to the realization of the project. The different dimensions give visual continuity without mental obstacles.

This Steinway grand piano represents continuous dichotomies, which are expressed through binomials such as dynamism/staticity, lightness/heaviness, everyday life/utopia, and sense/non-sense.

To “compose” the STEINWAY O-180 l.e. ‘SPARKLING’, in addition to the manufacturing time of the Global Brand Steinway & Sons, 200 additional hours of work were necessary, distributed between the 113 sticks, the 1070 spheres, and the assembly.

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